We Must Never Fall in Love! Manga Gets Digital 10th Volume – News

9th volume ships on November 12th, 10th volume debuts digitally as final volume on December 13

The December issue of Kodansha‘s Dessert magazine revealed on Friday that Haru Tsukishima‘s We Must Never Fall in Love! (Zettai ni Tokimeite wa Ikenai!) manga will have a 10th volume that will be a digital exclusive, and it will be available on December 13. The manga’s ninth and final physical compiled book volume will ship on November 12.

The manga ended on September 24.

Kodansha Comics licensed the series, and it describes the story:

After getting turned down by the guy she had a crush on for ages, Sakura thought things couldn’t get much worse…until she realized that she had been seen! Embarassed, defeated, and exhausted, the only thing keeping her going was that she was about to meet her cute little step-brother…until it turns out that her “cute little brother” was not only a tall, handsome guy in her class, but he was the one who’d seen her get rejected! Now Sakura has to pretend everything is cool, but with an over-protective “little brother” who sees the best in Sakura, and an aloof crush who starts to take an interest, Sakura’s high-school life will be anything but easy!

Tsukishima launched the manga in Dessert in September 2017. Kodansha Comics published the manga’s eighth volume in English on September 14.

Source: Dessert December issue

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