Wartales Will Officially Be Released On December 1st


Shiro Games revealed today that they will officially be releasing Wartales into Steam’s Early Access on December 1st, 2021. Along with the news they released a brand new trailer showing off a bit of the game, as you will create the warband’s leader from their backstory to their looks to their quests as you journey through the wonderous Edoran Empire. It will be up to you to recruit a militia of hardened warriors for your group of mercenaries as you trek across the lands, gathering equipment and improving your stats while taking n vicious creatures and tyrants. Enjoy the trailer below!

Wartales Will Officially Be Released On December 1st
Credit: Shiro Games

Nearly a century after the Great Plague ravaged the Edoran Empire, its inhabitants still struggle to survive. Feudal lords maintain an iron grip on their territories while villagers eye neighbors distrustfully, fearful of losing what little they have left. As hope fades across the empire, mercenaries and sellswords grow into the backbone of all allegiances due to their undying loyalty for whoever lines their pockets.

Set forth into an expansive medieval low-fantasy world, managing an ever-growing Warband, while taking on dangerous work for the right price. Frequent taverns, farms, and duchies across the Edoran Empire, seeking clientele to help grow the mercenary band’s notoriety, key to recruiting new blades. Amass an array of riches and gear while moving through different territories on an epic, open-ended journey where no corner of the world is off-limits.

Customize each party member’s equipment, stats, and class specialization to face untold dangers like roadside brigands and monstrous creatures. Keep a balanced party, relying on melee-focused Brutes, ranged Archers, devious Thieves, and more to overcome encounters in tactical, turn-based combat. Outposition enemies, flank foes, and unleash powerful abilities to cut through challengers and return to camp with spoils of victory.

Spread earnings out among each member of the troop during nights spent by the welcoming glow of a campfire. Cook replenishing meals, upgrade members’ equipment, and spend experience to unlock new abilities and professions before paying weekly wages, because loyalty never comes cheap. Keep morale high by ensuring the warband’s wares never run dry before heading into unknown regions where local legends, lore, and mysteries await.

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