Tohru Fujisawa, Iomaru End Red Data Planet Manga in December – News

“Panic action” manga from author of GTO launched in July 2019

The December issue of Akita Shoten‘s Bessatsu Shōnen Champion magazine revealed on Friday that Tohru Fujisawa and Iomaru’s Red Data Planet manga will end in the January 2022 issue, which will ship on December 10.

Fujisawa is the author of the manga, and Iomaru draws the manga. The duo launched the manga in July 2019 in Bessatsu Shōnen Champion, although they published a prologue chapter in March 2019. The manga’s second volume shipped in June 2020.

The “new sensation panic action” manga follows Reo, an ordinary high school boy who meets a beautiful and mysterious transfer student named Monika the day after a meteorite hits Japan. Monika suddenly declares that she will protect him, and at that moment Reo’s life completely changes.

Fujisawa had announced the manga in August 2013, with a planned launch in Kodansha‘s Magazine Special in December 2013. However, the manga did not launch in that magazine as planned.

Fujisawa launched GTO: Paradise Lost, a spinoff of his GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) manga, in Weekly Young Magazine in April 2014. Fujisawa stated in June that the manga is intended to be the “last” manga in the GTO series. Tokyopop and Vertical have published other various GTO manga titles, including GTO: The Early Years, in North America. The original manga inspired a television anime, as well as several live-action adaptations. GTO: The Early Years inspired a new live-action series adaptation in February 2020.

Fujisawa is also known for manga such as Soul Reviver, Kamen Teacher, and Kamen Teacher Black, among many others.

Source: Bessatsu Shōnen Champion December issue

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