The Final Month Of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Begins Tomorrow


Niantic has finally announced the details for the final month of gameplay in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Those looking for more closure than the final Brilliant Event had to offer will be disappointed, as none of the three events happening in January are narrative-based. Let’s get into the details of January 2022 before the world goes black for HP: WU.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite graphic. Credit: Niantic
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite graphic. Credit: Niantic
  • January 1st at 11 AM Pacific – January 10th at 11 AM Pacific: Dragon Event. Niantic writes:
    • “Dragon Oddities: Keep your wants aimed at the skies because all four Dragons will be present on the Map, Plus, pick up special Dragon Egg Portkey Portmanteaus on the Map.”
  • January 10th at 11 AM Pacific – January 17th at 11 AM Pacific: Lethals Event. Niantic writes:
    • “All Lethal Adversaries: Fill up your Potion vault as there will be a boost to all Lethal Adversaries on the Map.”
  • January 17th at 11 AM Pacific – January 31st at 11 AM Pacific: Spotlight Event. Niantic writes:
    • “Emergency and Severe Spectacle: An epic surge of Emergency and Severe Traces will be seen on the Map.”

Niantic adds in their latest Harry Potter: Wizards Unite update:

Starting in January, we will be doubling the rewards from the Daily Assignments. Also, when you defeat Lethal Adversary Lord Voldemort for the first time, you will be rewarded an additional Gold Key. Use this to open more 1920s Wizarding World Portkey Portmanteaus, which will be seen throughout this month.

I can’t help but wonder what the delayed and then canceled “Hunt for the Horcruxes” two-part event may have been. I am glad that we’re getting a shot at rare Foundables and Dragons, but I think the last thing that we needed during this final month was another Adversaries event. I personally would’ve liked to have seen a way to find old Brilliant Foundables to complete past Brilliant Registries but it appears that those will indeed have to go unfinished.

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