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The Belcher Family Will Be On The Big Screen In 2022!


Bob’s Burgers has their premiere coming up for their 12th season on September 26th, alongside another Bento Box Animation creation, The Great North, with the first episode of its’ second season. Many fans turned to Twitter and saw the news from people working on the series like Loren Bouchard and  Simon Chong, who retweeted the official poster released by the official Bob’s Burgers account and by the account of 20th Century Studios.

So, it’s official the date for the Bob’s Burgers movie will be Memorial Day weekend in 2022, May 27th to be exact. Of course, a pun would be necessary for such an announcement involving the Belcher family that has made fans laugh for multiple seasons. 2oth Century Studios, the answer is yes, we are ready to get this “PATTY” started.

Bob's Burgers: The Belcher Family Will Be On The Big Screen In 2022!
Source: 20th Century Studios

There are plenty of reasons for the date being set in 2022, with the hope and look to exclusive theatrical release being the goal for the Bob’s Burgers movie for a long time now. In any case, there are plenty of things we hope to see in this film when it does come out. Who knows which minor characters or running jokes will make their appearance in the story presented to audiences. Personally, I hope for the awkward yet loveable return of Bob and Teddy attempting to dance again and, of course, with help from the same Hip Hop dance class teacher we saw back in the “Bob Actually” episode from season 7. The inclusion of song and music will be inevitable, looking to see some unique new lyrics that get stuck in our heads for a long time afterward. We have an article for some minor characters you might have forgotten about and might hope to show up in the film next year. Now let us know in the comments below what you would love to see happen in the Bob’s Burgers film!

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