Tekken 7 Grand Finals Results


We’re live in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace where Red Bull has taken over for two days of competition with Red Bull Kumite 2021. This is their first major in-person fighting tourney since the pandemic happened last year, and with strict health protocols in place, we’re here checking out both days of the games. Day one has Tekken 7 and Guilty Gear ~Strive~, as we have the results from the semifinals and the Grand Finals in Tekken 7 for you here.

Red Bull Kumite 2021: Tekken 7 Grand Finals Results
Credit: Gavin Sheehan

Red Bull Kumite 2021: Tekken 7 Semifinals

Knee vs. JDCR

Knee brought back Geese for this round and JDRC went in with Armor King as it’s now first to four wins. JDRC fought hard in each battle but it was a clean sweep for the first set as Knee went up 1-0. A little more even in the second set as they tied up 2-2 in the first few fights, but Knee came back and pushed that resurgence down to go up 2-0. The third set saw JDRC squeak out the first in followed by a dominant one by Knee to tie it up. After that, he rolled over JDRC for the third round and then won a clock-assist for the fourth to go up 3-0. The fourth set had them almost even up in skill as they basically were playing things slow and nearly doing clock management to force each other to make moves. The third round came down to another clock assist in favor of Knee. Finally, Knee put an end to it with less than 10 seconds left on the clock in the fourth round to make it a 4-0 sweep to move to the Grand Championship.

Gen vs. Super Akouma

Gen went back to his ways with Lidia while Super stayed with Akuma. The first set looked pretty even with a win each at the start, but Gen kicked it into high gear and went up two more to take the 1-0 lead. The second set looked much like the first as they seemed even until Gen turned it up a notch and shut down Super quickly for the 2-0. Super had enough of it and finally found his groove in the next set, sweeping clean to make it 1-2. That round in itself woke up something in Gen as he steamrolled through the next set with two decisive victories, followed by a close loss, and then a fast win to make it 3-1. Super gave a valiant effort to reverse his luck, which included some masterful juggling to tie it up and a perfect win at one point, taking the next set and making it 2-3. Super pushed hard to try and tie it up, but Gen eventually proved too much as he ran through Akuma with some expertly timed combos to win 4-2 and move onto the Grand Championship.

Red Bull Kumite 2021: Tekken 7 Grand Championship

Knee vs. Gen

Knee started the round off with Steve while Gen chose Fahkumram. It wasn’t exactly a great start for Knee as gen steamrolled him with a sweep to go up 1-0. That woke up Knee a bit who fired back with some heavy-hitting rounds for a victory to tie it up 1-1. Gen powered through the loss to slowly earn his way back up to take the 2-1 lead in the third set. Knee wasn’t taking it laying down as he powered through in his own way to come out with a win and make it 2-2. The fifth match had the two of them pretty evenly matched, but Gen managed to get the edge at the end of most of the matches and push his lead back up to make it 3-2. The sixth set saw Knee switch over to Devil Jin to see if it gave him any better chances, but unfortunately, it didn’t pay off as Gen swept him quickly to go up 4-2. The last set saw Knee return to Steve, hoping to reverse his fortune. Sadly, it did not pay off as Gen managed to make his way through with ease to take the last set 5-2.

Congrats to Gen for winning the Tekken 7 championship at Red Bull Kumite 2021!

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