Team17 Reveals New Train-Driven City Sim Sweet Transit


Team17 revealed their latest game in the works as they are set to publish a train-driven city simulator called Sweet Transit. The game is being developed by ex-Factorio 3D artist and developer Ernestas Norvaišas, as his vision of city management revolves around having trains being able to connect everyone to go anywhere they wish. But of course, that dream comes with complications of how you’re going to manage something where half of the things that need to go rely on a schedule and rails. At the moment, the game is set to come to Steam’s Early Access program sometime in early 2022, but an official date hasn’t been confirmed yet. For now, enjoy the announcement trailer.

Team17 Reveals New Train-Driven City Sim Sweet Transit
Credit: Team17

Sweet Transit is home to a world where the railway is king, and trains are the sole means of transportation and expansion. As players use these mighty iron horses to build new settlements, they’ll work to create intricate production lines to grow humble villages into thriving metropolises while moving through distinct eras such as the introduction of steam power and the invention of the combustion engine.

  • Expansive train-led city builder: Starting with a single warehouse, build a thriving interconnected world of villages and cities as you expand your rail network and evolve your society.
  • Customisable rail network: Construct platforms and stations linked by intricate railway routes to help connect settlements and ensure a painless transit for both workers and civilians.
  • Evolve your industry: From steam to diesel, play through distinct eras of the railway and plan the most economical expansions using the technology at your disposal.
  • Be a person of the people: Keep a close eye on your citizens and ensure their needs are met as you expand your routes and scale up your settlements.
  • Full modding support: Create custom content via Steam Workshop, including structures, locomotives, in-game rules, progression markers, and graphics.
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