Tapas Turns Fashionistas Into Superhero Webtoon As House Of Slay


Jeremy Holt just attended a LibraryCon event for Image Comics. But they also wanted to talk about their new series from Tapas, House Of Slay, described as a comic book about “how five fashion friends got a starring role fighting discrimination and hate in a new comic book series.” And it’s based on real-life, a webcomic book series about five Asian best friends who fight the God of Darkness and based on fashion industry figures, designers Prabal Gurung and Phillip Lim, Laura Kim of Oscar de la Renta, influencer Tina Leung and Ezra J. William, a restaurateur, and socialite. Members of a support group against Asian hate crimes who call themselves the Slaysians, that grew on social media and now the base of a pop culture fable, a gang fighting an evil overlord whose power grows with every episode of racial discrimination, with the tagline “Alone, each of you can be broken. But together you make a radiant fist.” Holt is writing the comic, drawn by Kevin Wada, Soo Lee, and Kimi Lee.

Jeremy Holt on House Of Slay

Philip Lim told the New York Times, “There are so many kids, especially Asians, that feel othered or who don’t fit in. Showing these kids that. They both deliver social commentary in a way that is challenging and exciting.” The movement was turned into a comic book courtesy of media entrepreneur and investor Michael Chow, with Einhorn’s Epic Productions, a company focused on creating comic series for “underserved fandoms” and a year of work.

Laura Kim told Vogue that she had never read a comic book in her life. She prefers cooking and painting to superheroes, but she was 100% game to put on a cape. She requested white because it’s not a color she wears in real life. “When we started talking about it, I liked the idea, because I felt like as a group of five friends we could do much more than I could do on my own. I do feel very empowered together.”

Ezra J. William’s super alter ego can control the weather, Tina Leung’s has telekinesis, Laura Kim’s can teleport, Phillip Lim’s is bulletproof, and Prabal Gurung’s has telepathy and emotion control.

Jeremy Holt took their real life experiences in creating the comic book and emphasises that the battles between good and evil don’t occur in grimy back alleys or on the sides of skyscrapers, but at the city’s most exclusive and fashionable sites, recreated for the comic book, and includes attending the House Of Slay version of the Met Gala.

House Of Slay will be free to read digitally on webtoon platform Tapas from tomorrow, and they intend spinoffs in other media and merchandise to follow

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