Sina Grace to Write and Draw Rockstar and Softboy One-Shot at Image


Sina Grace will write and draw a new one-shot at Image Comics in February, Rockstar and Softboy, the published announced in a press release on Wednesday. The story centers around two gay BFFs hanging out with vampires, zombies, and witches at a house party, which just so happens to be one of the well-known Five Essential Comic Book Pitches Every Creator Needs If They Want to Land an Image Series About One of the Five Things Image Publishes Series About, alongside “gods living in the world of humans,” “music as a superpower,” “dragon men with insatiable lust,” and “the future, but it’s bad.” So you know this should be really good.

Sina Grace to Write and Draw Rockstar and Softboy One-Shot at Image

From the press release:

Fan-favorite cartoonist Sina Grace (Getting It Together) returns to writing and drawing for the first time in five years in the forthcoming Rockstar and Softboy. This one-shot story will be published by Image Comics and hit shelves in February 2022.

Rockstar and Softboy is a frenzied story following two best friends and their antics in Hollyweird, CA. Rockstar plans the greatest house party ever as a means of lifting roommate Softboy’s spirits, but things take a gnarly turn when the dreaded PARTY ANIMAL shows up to make a mess of things… and dredge up long held secrets between two BFFs who seemingly share everything!

Spawned from a bond strengthened between Grace and comic writer Josh Trujillo during a DC Comics pitch competition, the book promises a refreshing take on the buddy concept, and a few fantastic surprises along the way.

Here’s what Grace had to say about Rockstar and Softboy:

As a fan of buddy movies like Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, it only just occurred to me that I can create a story of my very own where two gay besties throw a party that includes werewolves, vampires, zombies, witches, and the reviled Party Animal. Rockstar and Softboy is pure, frenzied, loving, ratchet friendship in a comic book.

Look for Rockstar and Softboy in stores in February.

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