Scholastic Buys Fahmida Azim’s Graphic Novel Mega Megha At Auction


Bangladeshi American artist Fahmida Azim got into a big auction over her latest couple of middle-grade graphic novels. Eight different publishers were in the bidding, which was won by Cassandra Pelham Fulton at Scholastic/Graphix. The first of the two books, Mega Megha, follows “spunky American preteen Megha Malik, who seeks to prove how grown-up she is by fasting for Ramadan for the first time as she navigates the stresses of awkward school lunches, gym class, birthday parties, and the uncanny ability to smell pizza from far distances without being able to eat it.”

Fahmida Azim is an illustrator and storyteller, including Muslim Women Are Everything and Samira Surfs. She posted to Instagram, “I get to finally announce one of my biggest dreams come true – my very first graphic novel!! Drawn AND written by yours truly! I’m over the moon. Low-key picked Ramadan to write about just so I could draw lots of food. I’m going to fill this book with so many self-indulgent food illustrations, you’ve no idea. And yes, you read that right, the auction was insane. I still can’t believe there were 8 different publishing houses in a bidding war over Megha. Even in proposal form, she’s quite the charmer! I can’t wait for all of you to meet her too. Shout out to my super agent, @wonderlilly for believing in me through this whole wild ride.”

Scholastic Buys Fahmida Azim's Graphic Novel Mega Megha At Auction
Scholastic Buys Fahmida Azim’s Graphic Novel Mega Megha At Auction

Mega Megha will be published in 2024, Fahmida Azim’s agent Lilly Ghahremani at Full Circle Literary negotiated the deal for world rights.

Scholastic Corporation is an American multinational publishing, education, and media company that publishes and distributes comics, books, and educational materials for schools, parents, and children. Its books are distributed through retail and online sales and through schools via reading clubs and fairs, and its comic book line Scholastic Graphix has helped to make Scholastic the biggest comic book publisher in North America.

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