Ryuta Amazume’s Sengyō Furin Manga Ends With 5th Volume – News

Manga launched in December 2019

Shogakukan is listing the fifth volume of Ryuta Amazume‘s Sengyō Furin ~Ochiteiku Shufu to Shufu~ (Housecouple Adultery ~The Fall of the Househusband and Housewife~) manga as the final volume. Shogakukan will ship the volume on December 10.

The story begins when Akito, a man exhausted from working at an exploitive company, quits that job and becomes a househusband. However, he is unsatisfied with his new life. Akito has an unexpected reunion due to a lost item.

Amazume launched the manga in the Yoru Sunday section of Shogakukan‘s Sunday Webry manga website in December 2019.

Amazume ended his Nana to Kaoru manga in Hakusensha‘s Young Animal magazine in August 2016. He also ended the Ichikyū Kyūpeke series in June 2016. Amazume also ended the Nana to Kaoru ~Kōkōsei no SM Gokko~ (High Schoolers’ S&M Play) spinoff manga on October 29.

Nana to Kaoru inspired an OVA and two live-action films. Amazume wrote the spinoff manga series Nana to Kaoru: Black Label that ended in 2014.

Source: Shogakukan

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