Quentin Tarantino In London – Looking for His West End Debut?


In his newsletter, Mark Millar spoke of his hobnobbing at on Dean Street in London’s West End last week last Wednesday, Mark Millar is moving from Coatbridge to somewhere in Surry soonish, so this may end up being his local haunt. And he happened to be with some notable types. He writes;

So that lunch I mentioned! I met some of my favourite writers and artists for a bite to eat in Soho yesterday… Mark Gatiss (Sherlock), Toby Whithouse (Doctor Who, Being Human), the brilliant Sanjeev Bhaskar and Joe Cornish (who’s writing and directing the adaptation of the Starlight book I created with my friend Goran Parlov). We’ve all been talking on zoom or over email for eighteen months about various things, but this was the first time we were meeting in the flesh and my first words were that NO TABLE had ever boasted such a phenomenal collection of superstar writing talent. Mark Gatiss immediately nodded to the table behind us and pointed out that LITERALLY QUENTIN TARANTINO was sitting eating a salad on his own and gazing out of the window. So much for that!!

Quentin Tarantino attends the premiere of the movie
Quentin Tarantino – Andrea Raffin /

Tarantino’s presence in London this past week seems to have escaped the eyes of the tabloids or broadsheets. He was staying at the Soho Hotel and was in town for at Alexandra Palace Theatre, in London for an “Evening With…” event and at the GQ Awards where he won Writer Of The Year. I just wondered how many meetings he had planned while he was here. In July we noted that Quentin Tarantino wants to debut his first stage play in London’s West End.  
Discussing his recent novelisation of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino was asked on BBC’s Front Row what he would do after making his next film, which he believes will be his last. “I’ve been doing it for thirty years, it’s time to do something else…. I’ll be older and I’ll have a son who’s getting older, I see more of me being a man of letters, writing books about cinema, and maybe writing theatre, that’s how I see myself in my autumn years.” Which gave him the excuse to mention that he’s actually already written a stage play, completed after he’d finished writing Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, as well as five episodes of the TV show-within-the-film Bounty Law. Tarantino was asked if he would consider bringing that play to London, and he stated that he hadn’t talked to anyone about it, but that his first instinct is to open it in the West End theatres of London.

Quentin Tarantino In London - Looking for His West End Debut?


By the way, I had my own West End debut of sorts this week, the first time I have had a quote on a London West End hoarding outside the theatre, in this case, The Prince Of Wales Theatre off Leicester Square, currently hosting The Windsors starring Harry Enfield. Thank you, thank you, you are most kind.

Quentin Tarantino In London - Looking for His West End Debut?
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