Pokémon TCG No Longer Offering Special Delivery Bidoof


Oh, man. I was planning on calling this piece: Pokémon TCG Hopes: Special Delivery Bidoof Still Available but then, tragedy struck. Let’s flashback a bit, though. Earlier this year, the Pokémon Center sent emails to customers gauging interest in a Special Delivery Bidoof card. Many were, of course, interested. Then, emails began to go out with a code to a selection of the interested customers that could be used to obtain a free Special Delivery Bidoof promo Pokémon TCG card upon making a purchase. This was a limited release and many despaired when they didn’t receive a code. (By many, I mean specifically me.) Then, the Pokémon Center assured customers that more waves would go out. Well, another wave did go out. Again, many despaired when they didn’t receive a code. (Again, me. Others as well, but most sadly, me.) This time, the Pokémon Center followed up with the crushing confirmation that Bidoof had left the building. Let’s check out what they had to say.

Special Delivery Bidoof. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Special Delivery Bidoof. Credit: Pokémon TCG

Here’s the official word:

At this time, all promo codes for the Special Delivery Bidoof card have been sent out. There will be no further distribution.

Now… I don’t quite know how to feel about this. This Special Delivery Bidoof is part of the ongoing SWSH Black Star Promos set. Dating back to the earliest eras of the Pokémon TCG, these have all been somewhat possible to complete. It’s a little hard to understand why a card like this, which is part of the set, would have such a hard limit with only two brief waves of release. It seems like a recipe for a hyper-expensive card in the secondary market, which is something that it had previously felt like the Pokémon TCG was pushing to avoid by increasing the production of products.

Then again, some people want super rare products. So I get that. It hurts, but I get it and I think many collectors will as well. The Pokémon TCG is somewhat driven by people wanting cards and trying hard to get them. It is, after all, a business.

Now, of course, anyone who is able can get this card online, though it’s already going for hundreds of dollars in most cases. Is it worth the price? I mean, it’s harsh, but some of us have to catch them all.

And by “some of us,” I think you can figure out who I mean.

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