Pokémon GO Event Review: Festival Of Lights 2021


The Festival of Lights event is wrapping up in Pokémon GO. Let’s take a look at what this event brought to the game and if it was worth playing.

Dedenne in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Dedenne in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

What worked for this Pokémon GO event

  • Dedenne: The main feature of this event was the release of the Electric/Fairy-type Pokémon Dedenna. These days, we’re getting one-off releases like this rather than full-on generation reveals. While I do miss the bigger generation reveals which added a huge dose of excitement to the game, I think this is a somewhat clever change on Niantic’s part. There are only so many Shiny releases that can be stretched out for added content.
  • Spawns: Overall, the spawns featured in the event were strong. This was the first major shot we got at catching a non-costumed, Shiny-capable Blitzle considering it’s quite rare outside of events.
  • Team GO Rocket: This was treated as an event-within-an-event and will as such get an entirely separate review. However, it must be said. Scheduling this Team GO Rocket update in the middle of the Festival of Lights event was a terrific way to add a spike of excitement considering that this is there is only so much an event with no new Shinies and no real exclusive features can offer. As soon as hunting Dedenne got a little old, we had this new wave of content to play.

What didn’t work for this Pokémon GO event

  • Raids: Raids are an ongoing problem in Pokémon GO. What was once the most interesting feature of the game has gone stale due to nothing new being offered. The raid rotation for the Festival of Lights event was unfortunately entirely skippable.


The Festival of Lights was a fine, middle-of-the-road Pokémon GO event. Nothing incredibly engaging was brought to the game outside of the Team GO Rocket sub-event, but we did get Dedenne added to the game which is a long-term benefit.

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