Playdate Orders Have Been Delayed Until Early 2022


Panic Inc. announced today that the current set of orders people have put in for their upcoming portable gaming device Playdate has been delayed. The delay in delivery is being caused by what they’re calling “a critical battery issue caught late in the process.” Because of this, they have has to replace all of the batteries for every single unit currently in production. There’s no official date for the release on the units as it’s just “early 2022” at this point. We’ll keep an eye on this and see if ti changes, but in the meantime, we have the details of the delay below.

Playdate Announces New Update Video Coming June 8th
Credit: Panic Inc.

The batch of 20,000 units previously scheduled for late 2021 are now planned to ship in early 2022. Customers’ current place in line to receive a Playdate will not change due to this delay as long as their pre-order remains active. For the full details on the situation and an estimated shipping schedule, we strongly recommend reading the comprehensive Playdate Owners Update.

  • The new needed batteries also mean much better battery life for Playdate.
  • Future manufactured Playdates will have new CPU chips and re-designed boards (won’t change anything to the end product, a needed change due to the ongoing worldwide chip shortage)
  • The Playdate Pulp Public Beta will launch in January; you will not need a Playdate in order to participate in the Beta.
  • The full SDK should be arriving in February.
  • Season One begins when you set up your Playdate for the first time. You’ll get two games immediately, then every Monday you’ll get two brand new games, for three months.
Playdate Releases An Update On Their Portable
Credit: Playdate

“This quickly turned into a months-long, all-hands-on-deck research stress-ball, and we halted production at the factory,” says Panic’s Cabel Sasser in the first Playdate Owners Update newsletter that was sent today to all pre-order holders. “We made the difficult, expensive call to replace all of our existing batteries with new ones from a totally different battery supplier.”

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