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New Paranormal Activity Will Arrive Before Halloween on Paramount+


The iconic found-footage horror film series Paranormal Activity is creeping its way back onto our screens, and now we know when we can expect the upcoming installment.

When we learned that Paranormal Activity would be getting another chapter, many franchise fans wondered where the story might go next, but we quickly learned that this version would be a fresh re-tooling to remain accessible to new audiences. The next film in the Paranormal Activity universe has since been confirmed for the rookie streaming service Paramount+, the first original horror film for the platform, and the first installment in six years.

Paranormal Activity
Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Having made a name for being found-footage genre films with an ability to see substantial profits on micro-budget productions, Paranormal Activity is a franchise that will likely always have a little gas left in the tank – and the new film aims to reinvent our perceptions of the interconnected stories that came before.

When discussing the upcoming return to the franchise, Tanya Giles, Chief Programming Officer of ViacomCBS Streaming, in addition to Tom Ryan, President & CEO of ViacomCBS Streaming, recently teased the film along with a special documentary event just in time for the spooky season. In a statement shared by Deadline, the pair explained, “A new Paranormal Activity from Paramount Players should bring fans an unexpected reimagining of the beloved horror franchise. We’ll also be launching a documentary on the making of the Paranormal Activity feature. Both of which will be coming to the service in time for Halloween.”

There you have it; it looks like we should expect to see the return of spirits, demons, and maybe even a little shaky camera work in the near future – because Halloween just doesn’t feel complete without some form of Paranormal Activity. Emily Bader, Roland Buck III, Dan Lippert, and Henry Ayres-Brown star in the upcoming horror film, written by Christopher Landon and directed by William Eubank.

Who’s ready for the return of Paranormal Activity?

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