Move Or Die Adds A New Special Christmas Update


Indie developer and publisher Those Awesome Guys have added a new update to Move Or Die that brings out more insane holiday cheer. The team added several new characters to the mix in an event being called “Act Like It’s Christmas”, along with some fun holiday-themed challenges you’ll be able to take to see who is the best in your group. The team also revealed what they have in store for 2022 as there are more updates on the way to keep the game fresh. You can check out more about the update below.

Move Or Die Adds Special Christmas Update
Credit: Those Awesome Guys

Five new characters are making their theatrical debut and all of them are tough acts to follow. We have the front and rear ends of a reindeer, a kid with a needlessly complex Shakespearean costume and, because it’s Christmas after all, a Bible-accurate angel to watch over you while you sleep. It’s just a kid in a costume, but the fear is real. A special snowflake of a character will also be added to the Move or Die roster. His name is Deepflake and what makes him unique is that he won’t be coming to the Debt Bar or Not-A-Store™, but instead he’ll be awarded for FREE to anyone playing an online multiplayer match between December 22nd and January 5th. {…}

This year, we dedicated all of our time and resources towards guaranteeing a steady flow of cosmetics and professional localization work to the game. While this was a very pretty big deal for us, we’re once again confirming the fact that we hear you loud and clear. You want NEW GAME MODES and MUTATORS, as well as other additional ways to spice up your Move or Die experience from a gameplay standpoint. For 2022, while the speed at which we bring updates to the game might slow down a bit, we are 100% committed to bringing at least 3 new game modes (that are already in development) as well as a handful of new mutators, to make them even more crazy. In 2022, we’re also dedicated to fixing a lot of the longstanding issues and bugs that have been plaguing the game for the last couple of years. Yes, this includes such classics as the Shuriken Parry issue, the infamous audio glitch, as well as a slew of other stability issues for all platforms (Linux included).

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