Mimikyu Finally Gets A VMAX In Japan’s Next Pokémon TCG Set


The upcoming Pokémon TCG high-class set VMAX Climax, which will be released in December 2021 in Japan, was previously shrouded in mystery. Very little was known about how this set would show up for English-speaking collectors and players until the Pokémon TCG revealed that their February 2022 set, Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars, would feature a subset of 30 cards called the Trainer Gallery. We don’t know what if any Secret Rares will be included outside of the return of Character Cards, which Japanese collectors will remember from Dream League and English collectors will remember from Cosmic Eclipse. Let’s take a look at new cards that won’t be part of the Character Card collection but will rather be in the main VMAX Climax set.

Cards of VMAX Climax. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Cards of VMAX Climax. Credit: Pokémon TCG

The main VMAX Climax set will largely consist of reprint cards, which is why the majority of its new content will be a subset in the English-language Pokémon TCG’s Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars, as the English-language branch doesn’t tend to do full reprint sets like this. VMAX Climax won’t only feature reprints, though, and does indeed have new cards like the above Mimikyu VMAX and Acerola Trainer card. Mimikyu VMAX is awesome to see because Mimikyu got its Pokémon-V in Sword & Shield – Battle Style but we never did get to see it as a VMAX. Hopefully, the inclusion of these two cards means that we will potentially get a Mimikyu VMAX Rainbow Rare or even Alternate Art! It’s not confirmed if Alternate Arts will continue in these sets, but here’s hoping they will. I think it’s also likely that we will get a Full Art version of Acerola, and if that does happen? Get those wallets ready. Acerola is a monstrously popular Trainer and if she gets a Full Art, I’m predicting that it will be the most valuable Full Art Trainer of the Sword & Shield era that doesn’t feature Marnie.

Also, interestingly, the Pokémon TCG lists three VMAX cards listed in the Brilliant Stars setlist. We can assume that we’re getting the Kingler VMAX from the Japanese decks releasing in Japan and likely Mimikyu as well. What will be the third? Are there any left unaccounted for?

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