Major Harry Potter Character Revealed As Evil In Wizards Unite Twist


The most recent Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event, Burning Day Part 2, has introduced perhaps the biggest twist in the history of the game. The event culminated in dialogue from Hermione Granger that revealed that she has outed Constance Pickering, her and Harry’s ally as well as a long-time companion to the player, as a double agent for the evil organization the Unforgivable. Let’s dive into the details.

Constance Pickering from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Credit: Niantic
Constance Pickering from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Credit: Niantic

The dialogue that revealed Constance as a villain in the latest Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game went as such:

Harry Potter: I’m not sure why you asked me to go in your stead to the meeting with Grim, but it was good you did. It was an ambush. I managed to fend the attackers off, but only because I was on high alert. Grim must have set us up.

Hermione Granger: He couldn’t have, because Grim didn’t write that letter. He never agreed to meet either. In fact, I was never in touch with him at all. I fabricated those letters and the meeting to expose Constance. I’m sorry about lying about my investigation, but with your frankly lackluster Occlumency skills…

Harry Potter: Hold on a moment. You think Constance is involved with The Unforgivable? But that’s not possible.. She wouldn’t… Where is this coming from?

Hermione Granger: My suspicions started in earnest when I discovered that Constance’s grandfather, Matthias Pickering, went missing around the time The Unforgivable’s leader was secretly replaced. But it wasn’t until Constance changed the location of the meeting place in my letter that I was certain. I knew The Unforgivable wouldn’t miss an opportunity to get their hands on Grim, so I went to the “real” meeting place disguised as him. Sure enough, Constance, using Polyjuice to assume my appearance, showed up to capture me. I managed to detain her, but there’s no telling what she’s capable of…

Now, while this is big news, I don’t think it’s shocking news. In fact, I published a piece right here on Bleeding Cool back in December 2020 titled “Is Constance from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite A Death Eater?” In it, I wrote:

[After] a mysterious letter was posted by Constance to the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite forum, one aspect of the correspondence has players wondering if she has been working for the other side the whole time. Now, there are certain letters bolded here. Harry Potter as a novel and film series, fans will know, has played with word games before. Voldemort himself got his name by tinkering around with the letters of his birth name. Here, the trend seems to continue, as Constance has bolded:

M – o – r – s – m – o – r – d – r – e.

Morsmordre. In the mythology of the Wizarding World, Morsmordre is a known incantation that dark wizards and witches use to produce the Dark Mark. Voldemort’s mark. It seems that this letter has Constance openly signaling to Death Eaters… but does this mean that the seemingly helpful Ministry worker is one herself?

Shortly after this, Constance was later treated as a red herring when other wizards and witches were revealed as the true villains. Now, it seems that we were indeed correct to suspect the “helpful witch” Constance Pickering.

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