Kojima Productions Expands Their Studio With Business Division


Kojima Productions announced today they have expanded their studio with a brand new business division effective immediately. This new division will be based in California, and according to the brief amount of info released about it, they will be exploring new opportunities beyond just doing game development as they will be venturing into film, television, and other entertainment platforms. The move is an interesting one, but to be real, one that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Like a lot of gaming companies, when you patch together the cutscenes from Death Stranding, you basically make an animated movie. It wouldn’t take a lot using the technology at their disposal to branch into TV and film to make a series that looks as good as those scenes. We have a couple of quotes from today’s announcement giving more insight into the new venture.

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Credit: Kojima Productions

“Today I can finally confirm that Kojima Productions will be opening a new business division in California, USA,” said Riley Russell who leads the new business team at Kojima Productions. “The new division will be tasked with working with creative and talented professionals in television, music and film, as well as the more familiar games industry. The team has as its charter, the goal of expanding the reach and awareness of the properties now under development at Kojima Productions, and to make them even more a part of our popular culture. Although we are a global organization, the new business development team will be centred in Los Angeles, CA. We are truly excited and looking forward to working with the very best entertainment talent we can, across all of the entertainment industries.”

“Finding new ways to entertain, engage and offer value to our fans is essential in a fast-moving, ever changing storytelling world,” said Yoshiko Fukuda, Business Development Manager at Kojima Productions. “Our new division will take the studio into even more areas that present our creative narratives beyond videogames and to open up ways for our fans to communicate and immerse themselves in these spaces.”

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