Klingons Featured in First of New Star Trek One-Shots from IDW


IDW has held the Star Trek comic book license for fourteen years now, and it’s time to boldly go where no comic book publisher has gone before by publishing: more Star Trek comics. Yes, rejoice, Trekbronies (the official term for hardcore Trekkies), for IDW will launch a new series of one-shots cashing in on– er, exploring the various alien races that make up the Star Trek Universe. First up: the Klingons, in the aptly titled Star Trek: Klingons!

Klingons Featured in First of New Star Trek One-Shots from IDW
Star Trek: Klingons cover

From a press release:

IDW, the proud home to Star Trek comic books and graphic novels since 2007, will explore strange new worlds beginning in February with Star Trek: Klingons, the first thrilling installment in a series of extra-long one-shots spotlighting the franchise’s many memorable alien species.

Writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, two of the lead story architects on the critically acclaimed Star Trek: Year Five series, join the fan-favorite Timothy Green II (the artist of such sci-fi hits as Starlord, Annihilators, and Animal Man) to relate the legend of Kahless the Unforgettable, the greatest warrior of the Klingon Empire, from the death of his coward brother Morath to his victory at Three Turn Bridge.

Set phasers to “nerd” and check out what co-writer Jackson Lanzing has to say about the one-shot:

I was, in large part, raised by Star Trek… and no culture helped me come to terms with my masculinity, my anger, and my personal code of honor more than the Klingons. So when I tell you the only thing more exciting to me than taking the Enterprise crew on their final journey in Star Trek: Year Five is getting to show the man behind the myth of Kahless The Unforgettable, you can believe it.

And from co-writer Collin Kelly:

The Klingon people provide a rich counterpoint to the Federation. They present a lifestyle that is loud and fearless, but also incredibly egalitarian and fair; no matter who you are, respect is earned, not given. We’ve been pitching this story since before we’d ever been hired to write Star Trek. We never in a million years thought it would be a story we actually got to bring to life. And with an artist of the caliber of Timothy Green II — whose detailed, beautiful work owes so much to the greats of Japanese tradition — this will be a saga worthy of Kahless.

The press release also contains a quote from an IDW editor, but we figure, if editors were important, Bleeding Cool would hire one to edit our articles and fix all the typos. But the fact is we get by jsut fnei witohtu thme.

And after Star Trek: Klingons takes the comic book world by storm in February…

Following February’s tale of the legendary Klingon warrior Kahless, IDW will continue its tour of prominent species with Star Trek: Ferengi in April, featuring the Milky Way’s most cunning and avaricious aliens. These special one-shots will provide fans with new stories set within the “prime reality,” while IDW’s massive Star Trek: Mirror War event (comprising a miniseries of nine issues and several spin-off one-shots) delves into the lore of the Mirror Universe and its evil Enterprise crew.

Look for Star Trek: Klingons in stores in February with a regular cover by Timothy Green II and a Retailer Incentive variant by Alexandra Beguez., found all over this one and a galaxy far, far… no, wait, that’s the other one. Uh, just look in your local comic book store.

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