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Jamie Lee Curtis On Playing Laurie Over 43 Years


Halloween Kills has been shown at the Venice Film Festival to lucky filmgoers, and the first reviews say it is great. After the screening, director David Gordon Green and Laurie Strode herself Jamie Lee Curtis sat down for a press conference where they discussed the film. Jamie elaborated on what it has been like to play Laurie over the span of 43 years. Basically? “If you really boiled it down, the thing that made me successful in this genre is that I scare easily and naturally… I do not like to be frightened.” You can watch the two here; their talk starts around the 2 hours and 21-minute mark. Be warned: there is a huge spoiler around the 2 hours 45-minute mark.

Halloween Kills Is Once Again A Film Of Its Time

“The most exciting thing for being an actor in the same role for 43 years is that we all have changed, we’re battered and bruised, and we grow… Ultimately we’re saying we are all human, and you relate to Laurie because you are wounded too and fighting back against the demons. I think that what David has done, particularly with the 2018 movie, was to explore something deeper. We’re actors, so the deeper you want us to go, the deeper we will go, but also it was prescient what David and company figured out: We were on a verge of a wave of women understanding their own trauma and voicing it. The collision between the reality of life and the reality of Laurie’s life… happened in a pretty profound way.”

“We are seeing all around the world, collective community rage against the machine… Halloween Kills amplifies that thought on an existential note to the nth degree. We’re a divided world; in the U.S., we’re are a divided country. Evil is seeming to win a bit, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen always, but evil has won many times through history… What David has created in these three films will be very much a view into these times we live in.”

Halloween Kills Footage Debuts During BlumFest 2020, Trailer Is Here!
Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills opens in theaters on October 15th.

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