Fortnite Will Launch Chapter 2 Season 7’s Grand Finale Next Week


Epic Games is apparently planning something awesome in Fortnite as there is a special finale on the way for Chapter 2 Season 7. It seems only fitting that as we come to the conclusion of this part of the story, we’d end up dealing with aliens of some kind. Especially after the team has brought out everything including the kitchen sink for the past year’s worth of content and every IP they could get. You can read the story behind Operation: Sky Fire, which will kick off at 1pm PT starting September 12th, 2021.

It was only a matter of time before more aliens showed up to this party. Courtesy of Epic Games.
It was only a matter of time before more aliens showed up to this party. Courtesy of Epic Games.

With an explosive opening attack, a mysterious alien army invaded the Island at the start of the Season. Not much is known about the alien invaders besides their name, “The Last Reality,” but Doctor Slone took it upon herself to command over the Imagined Order (IO) and fight back. Now the Alien Mothership has set its sights on the IO’s secret base at Corny Complex, but Slone has a plan to end the Invasion once and for all. After answering her calls throughout Season 7, and working as an undercover agent for the IO, it’s finally time for players to prepare to infiltrate The Last Reality and put a stop to the Alien’s occupation. Operation: Sky Fire is the thrilling conclusion to this Chapter and is a free, one-time event players won’t want to miss. Replays for the event will not be available. Everyone will be able to join the event with a full lobby of 16 friends, with the live event available 30 minutes prior to the start so players can reserve their spot.

To further prepare you for this mission, we’ve compiled a helpful Fortnite checklist below:

  • On September 9 at 3 PM ET, gather and spend your Bars for this season’s Bargain Bin Wild Week

  • Before Operation: Sky Fire begins, complete any remaining Epic Quests, Superman Quests, and exchange your Battle Stars

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