Fortnite Launches Its Winterfest 2021 Event Today


Epic Games are bringing the year to a close in Fortnite this week as they’ve launched their annual Winterfest event for everyone. Running until January 6th, the event will have plenty of things to do and objects to snag, including 14 free Presents from Sgt. Winter, new festive Outfits, icy items, and the arrival of Spider-Man and MJ outfits for you to wear. The last of that set will be in the Fortnite Item Shop later today at 7pm ET, as you’ll be able to put on and take off the No Way Home Spidey’s mask with his built-in emote. We have more details of what to expect from this event below.

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In-Game Rewards

  • With the re-opening of the Winterfest Lodge, this is where Sgt. Winter will be giving players 14 Presents — including two Outfits (Krisabelle and Polar Peely) over the course of Winterfest 2021. (There’s a third gift Outfit that players can get another way, too.). Players will be able to unwrap a new Present at the Winterfest Lodge every day for 14 days, and if they miss any days, they can visit the Lodge up until Jan. 6 at 9 AM ET to open them up!
    • Krisabelle: a festive take on the community-inspired Isabelle
    • Polar Peely: one cool banana (literally)

Fortnite Winterfest Quests

  • Not only is he giving out Presents, but Sgt. Winter also has some wintery objectives for everyone. Every day for 14 days, he’ll announce a new Winterfest Quest in the “Quests” page, each one with an XP reward! Additional rewards include the Snowmando Board Glider,  Ffrosty Back Bling and more as players complete Quests.

Winterfest Creative Islands

  • Take your holiday adventures to the next level in Creative, where players can hop into featured creations from Fortnite’s Winter creator callout. Check out the Winterfest tab next to “Discover” to learn more! After playing for two hours total across Creator-made maps/games, you’ll receive:
    • Ol’ Cracky Emoticon
    • Llama Deerest Spray
    • Merry Marauder Banner & 2022 New Year’s Banner
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