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First Teaser for The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild


When it comes to Fox animated movies that had some real staying power and did very well across multiple installments, the Ice Age series is absolutely one that has stuck around. The series started way back in 2002 and, from then to 2016, has made four films that have totaled six billion at the worldwide box office. When the Fox buyout was finalized, it wasn’t that much of a surprise that Disney decided to keep the series going. They like a good animated movie, and this is one that has a massive fanbase. Disney+ also seemed like the most logical place to keep the series going as well. We got the confirmation of a title during the massive Disney Investor Day last December, and it looks like we’re going to keep the online premiere. One of the first movie announcements made this morning for Disney+ Day is the trailer for The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild.

There are kids that this was one of the series that they grew up with. The first one came out in 2002, so these have been favorites for kids for their entire lives, which is kind of wild if you think about it. Personally, and I’m about to date myself here, I watched the first movie in my 10th-grade biology class as a “break day,” and I remember being really surprised about how much I liked it. I was still in that “too school” era and hadn’t accepted that animated kid’s movies could still be good, but this one surprised me. It looks like this one is going to be more of the same, which isn’t surprising. If this does well for the service, we can expect to see more of these drops on Disney+. The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild will stream to Disney+ on January 28th, and keep an eye on Bleeding Cool for more Disney+ Day announcements.

Disney+ Day: First Teaser for The Ice Age Adventure of Buck Wild
Credit: Disney
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