Dragon Ball Super Previews Saiyan Showdown: Goku, King Vegeta SPR


The Dragon Ball Super Card Game has begun to preview the cards from the next official expansion. The November 2021 set is the fifteenth main set and the sixth expansion under the Unison Warrior Series banner. The set, titled Saiyan Showdown (with its full name being Unison Warrior Series BOOST – Saiyan Showdown), documents some of the anime and manga’s best Saiyan vs. Saiyan battles. Focuses of the set include Goku vs. Vegeta from the Saiyan Saga, Gohan vs. Turles from the Dragon Ball Z film Tree of Might, Goku and his sons vs. Broly from the film Broly: Second Coming, and, finally, the Universe 6 Saiyans and their evolution during the Tournament of Power. The set also includes the DBSCG debut of the Majin Buu-esque character Fin from Dragon Ball Heroes. As the Dragon Ball Super Card Game shows off the cards from this upcoming expansion, Bleeding Cool will offer a look into the cards from a collector’s perspective.

Saiyan Showdown cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Saiyan Showdown cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

We’re getting to the end of Bandai’s showcase of this set as we focus on the SPRs — or, Special Rares. I spoke about the card on the left which features Goku snuffing Vegeta, as I was excited to pull this one from my first Saiyan Showdown opening during the pre-release weekend. You can check out an actual photograph of that card in my write-up about pre-release. Along with the SPRs depicting Vegeta’s Galick Gun and Super Saiyan 2 Kefla, I’d put this as one of the top pulls in the set. The King Vegeta here is also cool, but Dragon Ball Super Card Game has offered so many King Vegeta SPRs and SRs that I end up wishing the spotlight went to a more iconic character or at least a relevant character to the focus of the green portion of this set. What I mean by that is that this SPR feels like a random addition to this portion of the set which otherwise focuses on the Saiyan Saga. It would’ve been cool to see a Nappa or Raditz SPR, or maybe even Gohan. This set recreates a lot of iconic moments from the anime, so imagine what it’d be like if we got, say, Gohan blasting out of the Saiyan capsule? Anyway, I don’t think it’s a bad SPR by any means, but the focus on King Vegeta over the sets does feel like it’s a benefit for players who enjoy playing the character but leaves collectors wondering why Vegeta’s dad is so often inserted in sets themed around other topics.

Stay tuned for more previews of Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Unison Warrior Series BOOST – Saiyan Showdown. Now that the set is officially out, Bleeding Cool readers can expect openings and product reviews as well.

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