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Earlier this year, Bandai announced Dragon Ball Super Card Game Direct. This new series of YouTube videos would be used to communicate directly with fans, answer pressing questions, and preview new cards and artwork. In the first episode, producers behind DBSCG revealed the Collector’s Selection Volume 2, which Bleeding Cool covered earlier this week. That isn’t the only set that was previewed during this first Direct installment, though. The episode ended with a peek at three cards from the as-of-yet untitled fifteenth main expansion.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game BT15 cards. Credit: Bandai
Dragon Ball Super Card Game BT15 cards. Credit: Bandai

Here’s what was said on Dragon ball Super Card Game Direct Episode One, which you can watch here:

Rokushi Suzuki (DBSCG Developer): [Unison Warrior Series BOOST] is really focused on recreating scenes from the original anime. It’s packed with interesting cards. Like these! The Family Kamehameha, recreated across each card. Very cool.

Yutaro Tada (DBSCG Developer): Wait, Rokushi, have those cards been revealed yet?

Suzuki: Ah, shoot, looks like I jumped the gun there!

Indeed, these cards have yet to be revealed but they look incredible. Interestingly, the Goten card is a Leader, which means that it will have artwork on the other side. I wonder if that other side will depict a front-facing look of the three together pulling off the Family Kamehameha.

These will be part of BT15, the currently untitled fifteenth mainline expansion, the sixth Unison Warrior Series set, and the second with the BOOST subtitle. If you check out the official Dragon Ball Super Card Game website, you’ll see that the booster box artwork also depicts the Family Kamehameha. These three cards are the first to be previewed from this set, which is currently slated for release in November 2021.

Here’s the breakdown of the card typing in this set:

  • 292 Types Total (including standard cards and their parallel foil equivalent)
  • Common: 30 cards, 60 including parallel foils
  • Uncommon: 19 cards, 38 including parallel foils
  • Rare: 15 cards, 30 including parallel foils
  • Super Rare: 23
  • Special Rare: 9
  • Secret Rare: 4

This is an especially large number of SCRs. Normally, we can expect three. Stay tuned as we cover more Dragon Ball Super Card Game reveals.

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