Dragon Ball Super Announces 2021 Anniversary Bans & Errata


The Dragon Ball Super Card Game is one day away from the release of its highly anticipated Special Anniversary Box 2021. This annual release will be comprised of 96 cards in total with 35 guaranteed cards from the Special Anniversary Set with each card including a double, two five-card Special Anniversary Packs featuring foil versions of cards from the set, four Vault Power-Up Packs with four reprint cards each, one of four Anniversary 2021 sleeves, and one of four Storage Box Anniversary 2021 designs. Ahead of the release of this annual Dragon Ball Super Card Game offering, Bandai has announced information on new bans, unbans, and errata for competitive gameplay.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game bans, limited, errata, and unbans. Credit: Bandai
Dragon Ball Super Card Game bans, limited, errata, and unbans. Credit: Bandai

On the official Dragon Ball Super Card Game Facebook page, Bandai announced:

Greetings, DBSCG fans. Thank you for your continued support of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game. As always, we continue to constantly monitor and evaluate the state of the game to ensure a healthy and competitive gameplay experience. With the release of -Cross Spirits- (B14), we discussed our design philosophy to minimize aggressive free-play Battle Cards, and allow for games to be long enough for players to have meaningful interaction. Through continued testing, observing tournament results, and community feedback, we have concluded that additional adjustments are necessary to facilitate what we believe will lead to a fresher, more diverse metagame and an even better version of DBSCG. For the release of Special Anniversary Box 2021 (EX19), we’re adding 5 cards to the Banned Card list, 6 cards to the Errata Card list, 2 cards to the Limited Card list, and removing 1 card from the Banned Card list.

The card list was updated on their social media pages along with the new text for the errata cards.

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game 2021 Anniversary Box comes out this Friday, September 10th. Stay tuned for openings and product reviews of this collection.

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