Dragon Ball Super 2021 Anniversary Reprint Reveal: Champa & Hit


The Dragon Ball Super Card Game has begun to reveal cards from its Special Anniversary Box 2021. The box will include 96 cards in total with 35 guaranteed cards from the Special Anniversary Set with each card including a double, two five-card Special Anniversary Packs featuring foil versions of cards from the set, for Vault Power-Up Packs with four cards each, one of four Anniversary 2021 sleeves, and one of four Storage Box Anniversary 2021 designs. As the Dragon Ball Super Card Game reveals the cards from this special set, Bleeding Cool will offer a look into the cards from a collector’s perspective. In our next selection here, we check out some of the reprint cards that will be available in the Vault Power-Up Packs.

Dragon Ball Super 2021 Anniversary Reprints. Credit: Bandai
Dragon Ball Super 2021 Anniversary Reprints. Credit: Bandai

Here we can see one of the three reprint styles from the Anniversary Box on display. This one showcases the characters over a plain black background with their energy shown in golden waves. Note that these will come in both foil and non-foil versions, but these are clearly designed to make you want the foil. They pretty much look like Super Rares from a normal set due to the patterning of the gold.

Of all the new characters added to Dragon Ball Super (with the exception of Beerus and Whis), I find myself appreciating the Universe 6 characters most. Not only did we get great new Saiyans with Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale but we also were treated to Champa who has an incredible dynamic with Beerus and Hit who has one of the most unique powersets in the series. It’s funny. Champa is mostly a comedic character but now, after the Tournament of Power, every time I see him I think of his last moment with Beerus: the depth, the number of things left unsaid, the simmering emotion beneath the surface.

Man, I can’t wait until the anime comes back.

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game 2021 Anniversary Box comes out this month.

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