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Chucky Creator Talks Planned Cult of Chucky Cliffhangers


Sure, we’ve seen a lot of creepy puppets, doll, or toy films over the last several years, but the character Chucky remains an unrivaled display of wicked energy behind a child-friendly guise.

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The franchise has been through a lot of transition throughout its eight films (one of which was a recent reboot) and now a television series where Chucky will riot on a weekly basis. Because we’ve seen Chucky kill his was through films over the span of several decades, there’s always been some sense of certainty that it will live on in some fashion… Because he always does! Despite the temporary silence of the pre-existing film franchise, Chucky’s fresh carnage will officially carry over from the continuity fans have grown attached to.

In a recent interview with Chucky and Child’s Play creator Don Mancini, ComicBook decided to discuss the transition and how much was planned – with Mancini explaining, “Oh, I had a fairly solid plan [for Chucky the series] even when I was writing Cult of Chucky. That’s why I deliberately ended that movie with a series of cliffhangers to be left all of the major characters with a question mark. It was very Empire Strikes Back that way. But I knew that answering those questions and exploring the implications of where we left all of the characters; television was going to be a better place to explore all of that because it’s so dense. There’s so much going on. So yeah, I was sort of planning it out as back when I was writing Cult of Chucky four or five years ago. I’m just a little amazed that it all worked out because it’s so rare, you know.”

The upcoming series will bring back a few fan-favorite characters as well, with additions of Chucky’s former bride played by Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif, and Alex Vincent, along with the series’ new star Zackary Arthur.

Are you excited to see Chucky’s story continue after Cult of Chucky?

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