Chitose Kaido’s Love and Heart Manga Ends – News

Manga’s final 2 volumes ship simultaneously in April 2022

Hakusensha‘s Manga Park app published the final chapter of Chitose Kaido‘s Love and Heart (Koi to Shinzō) manga on Tuesday. The manga’s final ninth and 10th compiled book volumes will ship simultaneously in April 2022. The app stated the manga will have an “announcement” on December 8.

The manga entered its final arc in December 2020.

Yen Press licensed the manga, and it describes the story:

Sure, university freshman Yagisawa has a lot on her plate, but the last thing she expected to add was a surprise male roommate! Handsome Haruma claims to be a childhood friend, but for some reason, Yagisawa doesn’t remember him at all, and his history isn’t the only oddity – disturbing things begin to happen and Yagisawa may really be in over her head!

Kaido launched the manga on Hakusensha‘s Manga Park app and website in 2017. Hakusensha will publish the manga’s eighth volume on January 4. Yen Press published the third volume on September 28.

Source: Manga Park app

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