CG Animator Akira Suzuki Releases ‘Horror of the Underworld’ 3D CG Anime – News

Award-winning 26-minute short took 8 years to produce

CG animator Akira Suzuki (Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, Blue Submarine No. 6, live-action Attack on Titan) released “Horror of the Underworld_Ver.Web,” his 3D CG horror project, for free on the xumo platform on Friday. The short features an English dub.

Suzuki also began streaming a trailer for the short on Friday.

xumo describes the short:

A demon has emerged deep beneath Tokyo. The governor of Tokyo and his escort unit go to inspect but are trapped underground. Surrounded by darkness with nowhere to go, people lose their reason and become consumed by the demon.

Suzuki had launched a Kickstarter campaign for the project in December 2017, but the campaign failed to reach its goal of 17 million yen (about US$147,000). After the Kickstarter campaign ended, Suzuki stated he would reattempt to get funding, and that he would update the status of the project on his Twitter account.

The anime short has already screened at several festivals, and it won the “Outstanding Animated Film” award at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival in November.

Suzuki handled all aspects of the project including direction, animation, and video production. He told ANN that the 26-minute video took eight years to produce.

Update: Suzuki confirmed with ANN that the video on xumo is only available in the U.S. and Canada. Suzuki added he also plans to release the video on Vimeo worldwide in the future, but the timing is not yet decided.

Sources: Email correspondence, xumo, Akira Suzuki‘s YouTube channel

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