Celebrations 25th Anniversary Set Part 11


The Pokémon TCG honors its landmark 25th Anniversary this year with a new special set, Celebrations. Celebrations pays homage to 25 years of this incredible hobby with 25 all-holo cards featuring iconic Pokémon from the past and present of the franchise. This set also features the Classic Collection subset, which consists of 25 reprints of iconic cards from every time period of the Pokémon TCG, including cards from Base Set all the way up to the Sun & Moon era. Now, let’s begin our journey through the series by spotlighting the 50 cards of this set.

Celebrations cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Celebrations cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG

With this selection of Classic Collection cards, we have some more Wizards of the Coast action. The following Classic Collection cards are:

  • Base Set Imposter Professor Oak
  • Team Rocket Dark Gyarados
  • Team Rocket Here Comes Team Rocket

Now, we have come to thus far the one Classic Collection card that I outright disagree with. Trust me, I hate to even have this take because I loved this card as a kid. I remember when I first got my hands on Team Rocket packs, I marveled at the idea of a holographic Trainer card. All through Baset Set and Jungle, Trainer cards were mostly considered by kids like me who collected but didn’t play the Pokémon TCG to be dud pulls. A holographic Trainer, though, featuring Jessie, James, and Meowth? Come on, dude. That changed the game. Here Comes Team Rocket does deserve its spot in this set for multiple reasons, but I object on the grounds that this card was just featured in XY: Evolutions for the 20th Anniversary. Including the Base Set Charizard here makes sense, because you can’t get around its popularity, and seeing it in the textured, Celebrations style is a must. I don’t think that we should’ve had two cards that we already saw reprinted in Evolutions, though. I’d have much rather the Pokémon TCG had given this card the Full Art treatment that they gave Base Set Pikachu and put it in the main set!

With this series, we will spotlight all of the cards of Celebrations which you can see as they release by following the set’s Bleeding Cool tag. Next time, the spotlight on Pokémon TCG: Celebrations continues with more cards from the main section of the set.

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