Arakure Knight Franchise’s Latest Manga Ends on November 22 – News

This year’s 23rd issue of Akita Shoten‘s Young Champion magazine revealed on Tuesday that Satoshi Yoshida‘s Arakure Knight Remember Tomorrow: Dead Flower manga will end in the magazine’s next issue on November 22. The manga’s first compiled book volume (labeled as the ninth overall volume of Arakure Knight Remember Tomorrow) will ship on November 18.

The manga launched in Young Champion on April 13, after the previous Arakure Knight: Remember Tomorrow – Ghost Note manga ended on March 23.

Yoshida launched Arakure Knight: Remember Tomorrow in Young Champion in March 2018. Yoshida launched several arcs for the manga, including After Burner (one volume), Darkside Angel (one volume), and Slight Return (three volumes). Yoshida then launched Arakure Knight: Remember Tomorrow – Ghost Note in August 2020. Akita Shoten published Arakure Knight: Remember Tomorrow – Ghost Note’s second volume (labeled as the eighth overall volume of Arakure Knight Remember Tomorrow) on July 19.

Yoshida’s Arakure Knight manga franchise centers around delinquent Haruma Yūki, who seeks to join the motorcycle gang Linda. The manga shows Haruma’s efforts to join the gang, while also following the activities of Linda and its leader Zenba as they clash with rival motorcycle gangs.

The original Arakure Knight manga ran in Akita Shoten‘s Young King magazine from 1995 to 2005. The Arakure Knight: Kōkō Bakusō-hen manga then continued the story, followed by the Arakure Knight: Kuroi Zankyō Kanketsu-hen, which ended in February 2016.

The manga inspired the Shin Shōnan Bakusōzoku Arakure Knight original video anime (OVA) in 1997. (While the OVA is titled after Yoshida’s earlier Shōnan Bakusōzoku manga, the Arakure Knight series is only an homage to the earlier title, and their stories are not connected.) The manga also inspired two live-action films in 2007.

Source: Young Champion issue 23

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